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estonoesunsolar (thisisnotaplot) Contemporary cities present a wide variety of unresolved issues, as shown by the many different abandoned plots of land that exist in the urban fabric. This situation has been taken advantage of by the inhabitants of Zaragoza as an OPPORTUNITY to intervene directly in the city. The “Estonoesunsolar” programme managed by Zaragoza Vivienda, commits to the recovery of PUBLIC SPACE as the backbone of today’s city, through the OCCUPATION OF PLOTS OF LAND for transient public use. “Estonoesunsolar” started off with temporary interventions in abandoned plots in the historical quarter of the city, of public and private ownership. Later, given their great success, they spread to the rest of the city. The programme offers a quick and flexible answer to the needs of each neighbourhood, analysing the socio-economic conditions, amenities and green spaces that already exist, as well as the deficiencies of each area. Social cohesion is favoured through citizen participation processes. At the same time, many different cultural and educational activities have been carried out that emphasise the value of the interventions, inviting citizens to experience these spaces. Work has always been carried out providing flexible, sustainable solutions, which can be transformed in time, considering that one of the important aspects of a living city is its inhabitants’ capacity to share experiences. 13 months 32 plots 60.000 m more than 60 citizen association http://estonoesunsolar.wordpress.com/ http://gravalosdimonte.wordpress.com/ @patrizia di monte + ignacio grávalos architects_

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