Baby cart carrier

baby cart carrier

作者 : 斯文里回收車居民
地點 : 斯文里住宅區
材質 : 廢棄娃娃車、廢棄塑膠竿、竹竿、可伸縮塑膠條、鉤子
智慧 : 載貨用娃娃車
說明 : 斯文里的老年人若是家裡沒有事情做,便會推車他們自己的推車出去

Author : Shi Wen community resident
Location : Shi Wen community
Materials : abandoned baby car, plastic pole, bamboo pole, flexible strip, hook
Intelligence : baby car as cargo
Explanation : the old man in Shi Wen community will use their own carts to collect lots of recyclable stuff to earn som money, if there are lots amount of stuff, they will modify their own carts. This carts is more special which not only store their stuff, but also can carrying their children.

woman with baby cart carrier