Pigeon Cage


  1. 作者:佚名
  2. 地點:新北市淡水區
  3. 材料:鋼樑、廢鋼片、浪板、鷹架構件
  4. 智慧:飼養賽鴿
  5. 說明:賽鴿是台灣一向重要的傳統活動,為爭取高額獎金,有許多人投入賽鴿的繁殖、培育與訓練,並在自家的院子或屋頂上建造自己的鴿舍。
  1. Author: Anonymous
  2. Location: Tamsui District, New Taipei City
  3. Materials: Steel beams, recycled steel bars, corrugated sheet, elements from scaffoldings
  4. Intelligence: Raise their pigeon athletes to race.
  5. Explanation: Pigeon racing is an impotent event in many regions of Taiwan and it will be highly rewarded if won the game. So raising and generating pigeons to race becomes some people’s interest or even profession. Everyone build the cage in their own way on the rooftop or garden, able to raise their pigeons and train them periodically as easy as they can.IMG_2272

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